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The Mazda MX-30 is an exceptional trend-setting car but its chances of being remembered in the years to come are slim.  Firstly it is fully electric and secondly only 350 are to be imported.  It has everything going for it in these environmental times, except for one thing.  Read the full review in BTN

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Portugal travel

The ban on direct flights from the UK to Portugal has been lifted, that country allowing British travellers in without a vaccine passport.   

The country’s tourist board confirmed it will welcome British holidaymakers so long as they have evidence of a negative coronavirus PCR test. But they do not need to have had the vaccine.  

Aspire highly recommends travellers to check the last Covid-19 updates from Government. These can alter without notice.

European wi-fi for KLM

KLM has begun installing wi-fi technology on a number of aircraft in its Boeing 737 fleet. The first Boeing 737-800 is now equipped to offer this facility.  Messaging allows passengers to send and receive messages via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, etc., free of charge.
To achieve this, KLM has partnered with the communications company Viasat, which will supply and maintain the necessary technology. Viasat’s wi-fi equipment will be installed on a total of 18 Boeing 737-800s. The schedule calls for this installation to be completed by the end of this year.

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Domestic cruises

Fancy a seacation, a sort of hotel holiday, fully inclusive with no decision on where to go, only what to do?

Under the roadmap scheme, no earlier than 17 May, cruises in UK waters will be able to operate with up to 1,000 people or 50% capacity, whichever is lower. This capacity limit applies to passengers only.  It also goes on to say that Covid-secure guidance will continue to apply. Groups of more than six people or two households will not be allowed to mix indoors – whether or not they originally booked in the same group.

Travel News Update's sister publication BTN has a full list of what's available over the summer holiday period. Click here.

Smart Motorways

Transport Minister Grant Shapps has told parliament that no further all-lane-running (ALR) motorways will be allowed to open without radar technology to spot stopped vehicles.  This follows a coroner referring Highways England to the Crown Prosecution Service for consideration of a corporate manslaughter charge following the death of a woman in South Yorkshire when motorway monitors failed to detect her vehicle had broken down.

He noted that government has taken further steps to improve the safety of Smart motorways without hard shoulders, including banning such motorways from opening if they lack measures to detect stopped cars, adding that technology will be rolled out on all operational ALR roads by September 2022. Shapps had made clear earlier that the ALR project had started well before his watch!

Smart motorways were introduced in England in 2002, with the controversial ALR versions, in which the hard shoulder is used as an extra lane, arriving in 2014. 


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